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"I have been delighted with the excellent care and flexibility you and your team have provided".

"I am especially grateful for you ability to allow the booking of extra sessions to help me out".

"I am delighted with all the care you provide and he loves the setting and all of the staff".




We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework for children aged from 0 months to 5 years.
All staff are fully qualified at least a level three. We follow the adult child ratios as set by Ofsted:
Under 2 - 1 to 3
2 - 3 - 1 to 4
3 - 8 - 1 to 8

Our daily routine meets the standards of the EYFS but can be altered to meet the needs of the individual children.

Our range of games, activities and trips organised by Little Badgers Child Care will meet the six areas of learning within the early Years Foundation Stage, a curriculum that structures the learning, development and care of individual children.

All children receive a home school diary to record the daily activities, including what they have enjoyed, what they have had to eat, nappy changes, sleeps and friends they have played with. There is also an area for parents to add comments. All children will also receive a Learning Journal for photographs and observations. These will show the stages and areas of development and what individual children enjoy.




Lunch time meals can be provided by Northumberland County Council through the schools canteen, see Northumberland School Meals. However if you prefer you can provide a packed lunch.

We will cater for individual dietary requirements and children have access to water all day.

Baby food and bottles are provided by the parent until children are successfully weaned. We can work with parents in the weaning process and introduce babies to new foods.




We will cater for your child’s individual needs including sleeping arrangements.

We provide children with their own bed sheets and blankets.


Age Groups


We care for children from birth to 8 years. Care can be provided for older siblings if required.

Please call to discuss your requirements.


Out of School Club


We provide wrap around childcare between the hours of 7.30 am and 6 pm. We can collect children from Slaley First School. If staffing allows we can collect from additional schools by prior arrangement. Please contact the setting for further details.


Fee Structure


Unlike many other settings we can offer flexible settings, please call with your requirements. We will try and accommodate families who work shifts.

We can help you claim up to 80% of your child care costs through working tax credits. We also accept childcare vouchers.




Our OFSTED report is available from the OFSTED Web Site. Please click on the following link:
Slaley Childcare OFSTED Report




Contact Jessica or Heather on 01434 676817 or email

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